Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar Review

SUMMARY The Loog Mini is a guitar for children ages 3 and up. It’s a very small (about the size of a ukulele) acoustic guitar. It has only three strings, a very thin neck and a lightweight body. The Loog Mini comes with physical flashcards, and a free app that you can use to learn … Read moreLoog Mini Acoustic Guitar Review

Hola! HG-36SB Junior Acoustic Guitar

If you know me, I’m always on the lookout for a good 3/4 size guitar that kids will love. A few people have asked me about the Hola! HG-36SB Junior Acoustic Guitar and whether this is a good model for kids. I haven’t tried this guitar myself, but the reviews for the guitar are overwhelmingly … Read moreHola! HG-36SB Junior Acoustic Guitar

Buying Guide for Children’s Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are a popular choice as a beginner instrument for children usually because people perceive them to be easier to play and cheaper than electric guitars. Although an acoustic is generally cheaper than an electric (you don’t need to get an amp or a cable), it’s also a bit more difficult for children to … Read moreBuying Guide for Children’s Acoustic Guitars

Martin LX1 Little Martin Review

The Martin LX1 is a gorgeous 3/4 size acoustic guitar that would be a great starter instrument for young kids who are between ages 7 to 10 and who are taking lessons.  The other model that is comparable to the LX1 is Taylor Guitar Baby Taylor model. The LX1 is part of the Little Martin LX … Read moreMartin LX1 Little Martin Review

Crescent MG38-PK 38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

If you have been looking around Amazon or EBay for a child’s acoustic guitar, you may have come across the Crescent MG38-PK. On first glance, this appears to be a wildly popular instrument for a very low price. As someone who loves both acoustic and electric guitars, and have spent a lot of time playing … Read moreCrescent MG38-PK 38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package