Best Guitars for Teens

If you are looking for a guitar for a child aged 12, 13, 14, 15 or older, there are a lot of great beginner guitars. You have so many more options for teenagers because they are physically able to handle a full sized guitar. If you are a teen, or a parent of a teen and aren’t sure where to start, we have put together a post with a few things to consider when looking for the best guitar for your needs. We have also come up with a recommended list of some of our favorite beginner electric, classical, acoustic and acoustic electric styles guitars for various price ranges.

Before you buy

If you have never bought a guitar before, there are a couple of basic things to think about before you go shopping. The first thing you need to know to narrow down your search is to figure out what type of guitar you are looking for.

The four major types are Electric, Acoustic, Classical, and Acoustic-Electric.

If you aren’t sure what type to get, think about the type of bands or music that you like to listen to. If you or your child likes musicians like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes or Taylor Swift, an acoustic or a classical guitar may be a great place to start. If you prefer rock or heavier music then an electric guitar is probably the way to go. Most beginners aren’t going to need an acoustic-electric guitar unless they are planning on using it for performing in front of an audience, where you would need the amplification.

Choosing between an acoustic or an electric guitar is probably the most important aspect of finding the right guitar. If you want an electric and your parents get you an acoustic or vice versa, it will make learning to plan more difficult since you may not be able to stay motivated to play. Once you have learned to play one type, you can always easily switch to other, but it is best to start out on what will keep you motivated to learn.

The second thing I would recommend is don’t buy the absolute, cheapest guitar you can find. You don’t have to buy a $500 guitar, but if you want an instrument that is going to stay in tune and be easy to play try to get a decent quality brand like Yamaha, Fender (or at least their budget brand Squier, Epiphone (Gibson’s budget brand) or Cordoba. It is very easy to spend a lot of money on a guitar, but if you are just trying out guitar to see if it is something you want to get into there are lots of very playable options for a reasonably good price

Finally check the size and feel of any guitar you are thinking about purchasing. Just because teens can generally play most full sized guitars, they may not always be the best option. If you are on the smaller side, or have small hands you may find it more comfortable to play a smaller sized guitars like a Baby Taylor or other 3/4 sizes. If you are looking at acoustic designs the dreadnought styles can be pretty big, so you should definitely test out what ever styles you may be considering. The other thing to keep in mind is the weight of the guitar; some of the Epiphones are on the heavy side you should watch out for that.

Electric Guitars

Once kids get into their teens the choices for electric guitars can be quite overwhelming since you aren’t as limited by size as you are if you are buying for a younger child. If you are buying a gift for a beginner, there are some excellent options that won’t break the bank. (Sorry my picks are a little Squier heavy, but I do love them as a beginner guitar, they are great quality for the price.)

Squier by Fender Bullet Strat

This is a great beginner option for a teen. It is a classic Stratocaster shape from Fender’s budget brand Squier. The weight, size of the neck and the color options make this a perfect electric guitar that will suit most teen’s needs very well. It’s great quality for the price.

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Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

This Squier Telecaster is very similar to the Stratocaster (above) but has a Telecaster shape which is a little different than the Strat. It comes in a number of beautiful color options and would make a great first guitar that will play well without having to spend the big bucks on the fancier models.

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

Epiphone Les Paul Junior Special Electric Guitar

This is Epiphones number one selling model. Epiphone is Gibson’s budget guitar company. The Les Paul Junior has been produced since 1954, and is intended to be a budget alternative to a real Les Paul. This is a wonderful beginner guitar, although it is a little heavier than other option, try it out at a store if you can before buying.

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Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster ’50s Electric Guitar

The Squier Classic Vibe is one of my favorite guitars, period. It is a little pricier than most beginner guitars, but if you want to invest a little more in your or your teen’s instrument, definitely have a look at the Classic Vibe, the sound, quality and feel of it are outstanding for the price.

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Classical Guitars

There are couple of really good options if you are looking for a classical or nylon stringed guitar for your teen. Nylon strings are considered easier to learn on because they don’t hurt your fingers as much as the steel strings of acoustic guitars.

Yamaha C40 GigMaker Classical Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha make really good guitar for beginners and students. The C40 is well made, very light to hold and stays in tune well (which is an important feature on a beginner guitar).

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Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

Cordoba is well known for their great quality classical guitars. The C3M is one of their most popular models. It is full-sized, handcrafted guitar and has traditional Spanish fan bracing. It also has a beautiful inlaid wooden rosette, which helps to make this a beautiful looking guitar along with the rosewood fingerboard, and gold tuning machines with pearl buttons.

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Acoustic Guitars

There are lots of beautiful and expensive acoustic guitars around, if you don’t mind spending some money Martin and Taylor have some really nice models.  If you want a few more budget friendly options the following are good quality for a good price that should be sufficient for most beginning guitar players.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

 If you want a decent quality, incredibly cheap acoustic guitar this is a fantastic option. For a beginner guitar it has great sound and some nice detailing on the body. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is a very basic, yet great sounding option for beginners for a great price.

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Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is kind of the next step up if you don’t want to start with the budget beginner models. It isn’t crazy expensive (around $300), but it is a beautiful, very popular guitar.
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Yamaha FG830 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

This is kind of the next step up if you don’t want to start with the budget beginner models. It isn’t crazy expensive (around $300), but it is a beautiful, very popular guitar.

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Acoustic Electric

Acoustic Electric guitars are great if you like acoustic guitars and are planning on performing and need the guitar to be able to plug into an amplification system. Most beginners probably won’t have a need for an acoustic electric type of guitar, but I’ve included a couple just in case people are interested in them. It is actually kind of hard to find cheap, good quality acoustic electric design, if you don’t mind paying a decent amount of money Martin have some really nice ones.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

This guitar pops up a lot as great sounding, good quality option that you can get in the $250-$300 range.  The original Hummingbird model was made famous by Keith Richards, it is often described as having a “woody” tone.

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Yamaha FGX800C Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar


Guitars in the Yamaha FG series are generally considered to be pretty good options as a beginner guitar. The FGX800C Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a nice choice if you are looking for acoustic electric. Learn more.