Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar Review


The Loog Mini is a guitar for children ages 3 and up. It’s a very small (about the size of a ukulele) acoustic guitar. It has only three strings, a very thin neck and a lightweight body. The Loog Mini comes with physical flashcards, and a free app that you can use to learn how to play guitar.

PROS: Would make a nice gift, nicely packaged, looks great, nice colors, good sound. Easy and comfortable for kids to play due to only having three strings and the very think neck.
CONS: Older kids may well grow out of this quickly

The Loog Mini is a cool starter guitar for younger children. This small guitar is fun and cute, and it’s a real instrument, that’s made out of real wood. It also has a wonderful sound, which is quite unusual for a guitar of this size and price.


The body is very small, around the size of a ukulele . It comes in 5 colors (yellow, red, white, pink and green). The shape is striking, and it has a real 1950’s Mid Century Modern look to it (some have called it “Jetsons-like”). While it’s all down to your personal taste, I personally love the look of this instrument.


This is an easy guitar to learn on. The neck is very thin, so kids are able to wrap their fingers around it easily. The body is lightweight and very small. For little kids the size of the guitar is a huge factor that can make or break whether they become interested in learning. A guitar first and foremost must be comfortable to hold and this Loog model is so small and light even very small children should have any trouble with the size. The following picture is a Loog and a ukulele so you can see how similar in size they are:

When you buy the guitar it comes with some very kid friendly flash cards that you use in combination with the free Loog Guitar app. The app has video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook, that teaches kids how to learn popular songs from artists like Taylor Swift. The company has put a lot of thought into giving kids (and parents) all the tool to get them started and learn chords in a simple child friendly way.

Loog Guitars allow you to play almost any song using 3-note chords. It might not sound as full as if it were played with a larger guitar, but that’s the trade-off for the Loog’s more approachable experience (which can be important for kids and beginners).

Playing a Loog is not entirely different from playing a traditional guitar, it is just simpler because there are less strings. Since the instrument uses the same first three strings, and tuning, of a six-string guitar, once your child has mastered the Loog they can move onto bigger guitars.


For such a small instrument the sound is quite good. I was expecting it to sound a little flat because of the very small size, but I was pleasantly surprised.


The hardware is basic, but solid. The tuners and bridge are good enough to keep the instrument in tune consistently, which is, of course, the most important thing.


The workmanship in Loog guitars seems to be of pretty high quality. The wood seems nice too, which certainly contributes to the nice tone that the guitar produces.

In the past, Loog actually shipped their guitars in un-assembled and part of the fun was supposed to be putting the guitar together with your kid, but this seemed to be an impediment to people, so they ship all the guitars completely put together and set up now. This is handy, since it means everything is 100% correct and in order, which was indeed the case with the review unit we tested.

Things to look out for with this guitar

This is a three string guitar, it is designed to be easy for kids who are very young to learn how to play. If your child already knows how to play guitar, or has a guitar, this probably isn’t the instrument for you.

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