Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

PROS: 3/4 size makes it a good size for kids 8-11 or so Great sound either plugged or unplugged Comes with a built in tuner (great for beginners) Has a unique cutaway design that you don’t find on a lot of kids guitars Very good quality SUMMARY: APXT2 is a 3/4 size version of the … Read moreYamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar Review

PROS: Smaller 3/4 size is easier for kids to play than a full size instrument. It is a good quality instrument for the price you are paying. CONS: It has steel strings that some children may find uncomfortable to play. SUMMARY: The FG JR-1 is a great starter guitar for kids ages 7 to 11. … Read moreYamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar Review