Valencia Classical Kit 1 3/4 Size Guitar Review

This Valencia  starter kit is a decent choice if you are looking for a budget nylon string package for children who are ages 7 to around 10 or 11. It is a 3/4 size model, which just means that it is three quarters the size of a full sized guitar. ¾ size models are perfect for younger kids because they are much more comfortable to play than a full size, which in turn makes the learning process that much easier. The guitar is made by Valencia Guitars which is a company out of Australia, although the guitars are made in China. Valencia offer a range of different models for beginners that generally have good design, are reliable, and have a good sound.

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This 3/4 Size has typical Spanish guitar styling with the standard classical setup. So the bottom 3 strings are nylon wound with wire strings and top 3 are nylon strings. The tuners are classical style open tuners and it has a nato wood fret board and bridge. If you buy the starter kit you also get a free instructional DVD which is obviously handy for kids who are just learning to play.  Overall the length is 36 1/2″, the width of the nut 1 11/16″, and the scale length is 23″.


The weight of this 3/4 Size is very light and that helps with comfort when playing. Since it classical style it has the nylon strings and a slightly smaller body size than a 3/4 size acoustic so it is a bit easier on kids fingers and the body is easy to hold because of the size.


This model has great sound for a guitar in this price range. It is obviously not a high end instrument so you cannot expect it to sound like one, but for what you are paying it is quite good.


Again for the price you cannot expect a perfect guitar with no flaws and high end craftsmanship, but this model is well made for something in this price range.

Things to watch out for

Classical guitars aren’t generally made to be worn with a strap so there is no strap attachment with this Valencia, although you can purchase a device at a music store that will allow to attach a strap if that is something that is needed.


Overall this is a nicely made, decent sounding, budget guitar that can make a great starter instrument for a child who is interesting in learning to play but might not stick with it. If your child is taking lessons I would try to get a slightly higher quality model, maybe something like the Yamaha CGS103AII 3/4 Size Classical Guitar would be a good choice.

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