Girl Guitars

If you are on the market for a guitar for a girl, you might be wondering if you should be getting a ‘girl guitar.’ The easy answer to this is no; you don’t need to buy an instrument that is specially designed for a girl’s body or small hands. The idea of having to have a specially designed guitar that is comfortable for females to play is a marketing strategy that is trying to cash in the niche market of women and girls who want to play and are looking for something cute or something that comes in the stereotypical colors that girls go for. Not to say there is anything wrong with wanting a sparkly pink model that is shaped like a flower or whatever, but not all girls are into that kind of stuff, so if you want a serious beginner instrument there are lots of great options out there.

Buying a guitar is a very subjective thing, and everyone is so different; it is hard to make sweeping generalizations about what is kind of instrument you should get for a particular person. However, on the whole, females tend to prefer models that have a lighter weight, smaller size, and a slimmer neck. If you are shopping for a girl under age ten, you will want to look for a smaller guitar (1/2, 3/4 size or small scale). Companies who market to woman and girls do make models that are smaller, lighter and have thinner necks, but they are by no means your only option.

The big guitar companies all offer different sizes, shapes, and aesthetic style that are good for a whole range of players. What is important is that you get something that sounds good, is comfortable to play, and is the best quality for whatever fits your budget. If you are looking for beginner electric or acoustic guitar check out some of our reviews.

However, there are some beautifully designed options from companies like Daisy Rock, Luna, Squier (Hello Kitty Strat), and Darling Divas that are very appealing to some young girls.   My nine-year-old daughter owns a Pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster that she loves. Whenever I walk past that strat, I can’t help looking at it and thinking how good it looks.

So if your child has a particular style or aesthetic that might lean toward the girlie side of things check out the companies that are making ‘girl guitars,’ otherwise there is no reason that you cannot find the perfect make and model through the usual big guitar brands.